About Us


Founded in 2014, launched a year later, Eclectic Room is an independent concept online store for lovers of vintage, unique and rare finds. Our priceless one-off, carefully curated products are sourced from all over the world, bringing you a collection of everything beautiful under one roof. We stock clothing and accessories ranging in prices and various styles from the 1950s to selective pieces from the present day. Hence, the name. From true vintage, high-street labels to designers pieces, you can be sure they are not your everyday, easy-to-get apparel. We also have recently started designing and producing our own dresses inspired by the past era.. Stay tune for more to come!

Eclectic Room include unique services of hunting of vintage designer bags, particularly Chanels. Whether it is sold out in our store, or you saw it somewhere else, contact us with the picture of the desired bag and your contact details, and we do our best to hunt for it!

Drop us a line at hello@eclectic-room.com




Originally from Singapore, I have made Dubai as my home since 2004 and loving it. Recent years, I am very inspired to live life authentically. During this journey of self discovery and stepping out of the norm, I have battled severe depression and anxiety. I quit my flying career of more than a decade and at the peak of my depression, I came up with this idea of setting up an independent online store, that resembles me, my eclectic style and values. A fanatic of upcycling and recycling of almost anything, I have combined my love for fashion, travel, shopping and trading. Doing my best to source the items as ethically as possible from all over the world. I aim to create the idealogy of great fashion and style are meant to last forever rather than keeping up with trends of the current fashion industry.

When I am not travelling or hunting for rare or beautiful fashion pieces, you can find me on my mat, practising or teaching yoga.. Love and light, Ryana xx